There are no grounds for doubts that motherboards are the most essential part of your system and without it you cannot imagine your PC to function. It is indeed the heart of the computer and if it comes to a halt, your computer will automatically come to a halt and stop functioning. To save yourselves from all the nightmares associated with the damage caused to the primary circuit, it is important to know how to care for your motherboard. With the following points in mind you can take proper care of the motherboard and save it from getting damaged-

motherboard capacitors

  • Cleaning: Like any other product, motherboards require time to time cleaning. Don’t allow dust to accumulate on your mother board as it would draw moisture that will further lead to short circuit. If the dirt gets clogged in the fan of motherboard, it would stop working resulting your computer to crash during high temperatures.
  • Capacitors: It is important to inspect your motherboard capacitors to check if the condensers are in top quality condition. If you notice any kind of swelling, busting or leakage in capacitors, make sure to replace it as soon as possible. Don’t let any kind of defects in the capacitors to hamper the computing processes. Conduct timely check and keep your motherboards in its best working condition.
  • Check the fan:Check the fan, especially that of the video card to know if it is still working to prevent the heat to build up. Video card will get damaged if the fan is not working. If any of the fans are not working, you should immediately replace them with new ones. If the fans are working, don’t forget to clean them carefully using a moistened tissue.

Proper care will lead to effective functioning of motherboards which in turn will result in effective working of your computer. Take care of your motherboard!