ASUS PRIME Z370 – A, The Perfect Match For I5 8400

Having an I5 8400 processor is a good deal. However, finding a motherboard for it can be a challenge. You might wonder what motherboard to use with the I5 8400. There are too many motherboards for sale. Picking up the best among these options is not that easy since most of it is from the best brands and can do a lot more than good to your computer.

motherboard to use

One brand stands out for I5 8400. ASUS PRIME Z370 – A is the highest rated in the market today. It is one of the best sellers and has amazing features that you cannot find in other products. But before you purchase the product, let us look at the best features that it can offer.

5-Way Optimization

            The 5-way optimization of ASUS will make your personal computer smart. It takes one click and complex functions will be taken cared of. This is an automated tuning tool that can optimize the overlooking and cooling profiles. The fans are whisper-quiet and its stress-free functions can help the CPU work overtime.

 Amazing Cooling Controls

            This has control over fans and water pumps. This motherboard is also a complete AIO coolers through Fan Xpert 4. Regardless if you are cooling with air or water, the Auto-Tuning mode will configure the parameters in one click. The whisper-quiet fans will reduce the fan speeds from going to the default minimum settings.

Speeds Up Memory

            This motherboard has the ASUS OptiMem which can retain the memory signal by redirecting the memory traces and vias into the PCB layer. The T-Topology layout will make sure that the signal is time-aligned by balancing the trace lengths between these memory slots. The stability is improved which will allow memory speeds of DDR4 4000.

The Pro-Clock Technology

            The Prime Z730-A has a base-clock generator. This will extend the CPU and the margins for memory overclocking. This functions together with the TPU to improve the voltage and base-clock generator control. It will provide the flexibility needed to extract performance from the Intel Core 8th Gen processors.

ASUS PRIME Z370 – A has proven its worth. This is by far the best deal that you can ever get for your I5 8400. All of the important features are there, and there is still more room for you to improve in case you plan that n the future. So if you are looking for the best motherboard for I5 8400, the Prime Z7370-A is for you.