Unique Features of Sanlorenzo SD 126

Sanlorenzo SD 126 is built for comfort and freedom of everyone onboard, guests and crew members alike. The yacht can accommodate up to 10 guests at once and promises comfortable and spacious interior for all guests. One of the yachts in this group is a four-decked motor yacht made from a combination of materials for top class performance. The hull extends for up to 38 meters giving the yacht an impressive and imposing appearance.  Its dimension and spacious nature win it a place among the best superyachts around. Italian built the yacht, and it has a shape similar to the transatlantic liners of the Thirties.

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A summary of the Sanlorenzo SD 126

Sanlorenzo SD 126 was built using a GRP hull and superstructure and was launched in Viareggio, an Italian town beloved by many yacht owners since it is home to many of the popular companies that build ships globally. Sanlorenzo SD 126 was designed by Francesco Paczkowski, who is a talented superyacht builder based in Florence. He established in Francesco Paszkowski Design Studio in the 1990s; though, he has collaborated with other yards since he started operation. He has won many awards, one of which is the Best Exterior Design for Sanlorenzo 40, another of his many products.

Unique interior

The SANLORENZO SD 126 has an interior similar to the other yachts in the SD line.  It features a unique salon terrace. There is a perfect blending between the external and internal spaces of the yacht.

Additionally, it comes with spacious swim platform, large windows, big flybridge, and bows seating lounge, among others.  The features and design foster a closer relationship between the guests and the sea. The floor is made of oak wood, and the bespoke furniture adds to the exquisite state of the yacht interior.

The unique features

The outstanding features of Sanlorenzo SD 126 are highlighted below:

  • It can accommodate ten guests at once
  • It contains five staterooms, two twin staterooms, mirror VIP cabins and main deck master rooms.
  • It can equally accommodate six crew members.
  • It is 37.95 meters long
  • Its maximum beam is 8 meters
  • Its draught at full load is 2.33 meters
  • On the other hand, its fuel tank can take up to 34,200 liters of fuel at once.


Sanlorenzo SD 126 is among the best yachts for that leisure ride along the waterways and on the high sea.  Its design can be customized according to the requirements of the specific buyer.