Rent Coach Bus: What You Need to Know Before Calling Bus Rental Companies

A charter bus – known as a motor coach – is the vehicle that is designed for the private use of organizations, groups, and companies. They’re employed to bring people to their chosen places, instead of using the public vehicles. Here are some of the frequently asked questions about renting charter buses.

What Is the Seating Capacity of a Charter Bus?

Charter vehicles come in different sizes with its corresponding seat capacities. Normally, it’ll have around 56 seats, depending on the model and manufacturer but in most cases, they can have at least 36 to 60 seats. If you’re looking for something smaller, a mini bus would be the perfect choice – it has 35 seats. These are suitable for aiding groups for tours, festivals, or weddings.

What’s the Difference Between an Entertainer Bus, Party Bus, and Charter Bus?

Standard entertainer vehicles, party buses, minibuses, and charter vehicles are all driven by skilled chauffeurs. The main difference between these four is their uses and sizes. As stated above, a mini bus best fits a group of 35 people or less and charter buses are good for 36 or more. As the result of its bigger size, the standard charter bus often comes with additional amenities such as extra storage space and restroom.

For celebrities and music artists, entertainer buses hold 8 to 12 passengers and offer added luxury amenities. Once you’re on board, you’ll have a WiFi connection, satellite TV, storage space, restroom, kitchen, lounge area, sleeping bunks, and master suite.

What Amenities Are Provided by Charter Bus Rental Services?

Roughly all charter vehicles are equipped with:

DVD players

TV monitors

A compact restroom

Air conditioning systems

Reclining seats

Most modern buses have add-on outlets and wireless internet for devices. Considering not every buy is equipped with the stated amenities, tell your rental companies which features your team needs to feel comfortable.

Can You Bring Drinks and Food on Charter Buses?

Drinks and food are allowed on nearly all buses but it’s more advisable to confirm with your rental company before the scheduled trip. If your rental company allows outside drinks and food on the bus, think about your fellow companions and leave the messy or smelly foods at home. If your group causes spill or leave wastes on the bus without properly cleaning them up, you can be liable for the cleaning charges. Most buses are equipped with a waste bin at the front of the bus; hence, your group could gather the trash before leaving the bus.

Can You Drink Alcoholic Drinks on the Bus?

Most charter vehicles and rental companies will allow adult passengers to drink alcoholic beverages on their buses but most will require a refundable deposit. This compensates for any expenses from damages that happen from passengers having too much fun. Safety is a top consideration for charter bus rentals. Warn group members who are planning to drink and have fun that any conduct that distracts the chauffeur puts everyone at risk.

If you’re planning to bring your pets, it’s a sad issue. Most bus companies have imposed the no-pets rule. However, service animals are protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act and can ride on the bus with a disabled person. Rent coach bus for comfort!