A Phone Application that Saves Lives by Creating Safe Routes

Every person that has access to the internet knows how important it is. With the help of the internet and modern technology, everybody’s lives became easier and more convenient. The best example where the internet and technology collides are smartphones, especially the latest ones right now. You can download and install useful phone applications on your phone depending on the use. Most would install apps that are for entertainment, some would install work-related applications, while there are apps made to heighten your safety. One of these apps made to make you feel safe is RedZone.

Ted Farnsworth designed RedZone with one thing in mind, to help travelers in their everyday journey. If you want to know how RedZone can help you out, keep on reading to learn more.

RedZone Made to Keep You Out of the Red Zones

RedZone is an app made by Theodore Farnsworth with the idea of helping travelers avoid areas where there are high crime rates. We can’t avoid undesirable circumstances, but it’s better to prevent these things from happening by avoiding bad areas. Traveling to another country means you are unfamiliar with the place and you most likely don’t know where the “Red Zones” are. So Ted created an app that works as social media to extract data from users and know where the bad spots are. This is then distributed to other users and the app gives you the best and safest routes.

If you want to ensure your safety in a country you know little about, RedZone is the best app to have on your phone. It’s better to have a backup plan than to have nothing at all. Avoid bad areas at all costs to protect yourself.

How Does RedZone Work?

Ted Farnsworth uses mapping technology for RedZone. Once the app detects your area, it will determine where the bad areas are that you need to avoid. If you don’t know the best routes to get to your destination safely, the app will create a route for you and avoid these Red Zones at the same time. It helps travelers have fun in another country by avoiding places where crime rates are high. Nowadays, there are many countries that even if they have the best scenery, there will always be areas that you need to avoid. RedZone does exactly that.

Keep you and your family safe while going on a vacation. You can’t control everything that’s happening around you but you can avoid bad things by thinking ahead with RedZone.