You should opt for a Free Messenger or a LAN Messenger, which is better

There are several means of communication in the office environment which is becoming more and more popular.  Instant messaging is one of them which stated out  as a popular means of communication. There are several messenger apps that serves as lan messenger for free. You can use them to contact friends and colleagues, share information and files and get quick reply instantly. The system is quite easy to use and also has the ability to get immediate response from other person and this has caused messaging applications to be used increasingly in professional and business environment.

free instant messenger

Advantages as well as disadvantages of using a LAN Messenger as compared to a free instant messaging software for business usage.  —

Advantages of the free instant messenger —

  1. The basic advantage of using a free messenger application such as yahoo or hangout is that it is available for completely free. There are no sort of extra hidden costs associated with it.
  2. It is super easy to use and also to download and set up.  Many a times you can access the system using simple url and there is no need to download or set up the application.  You also need not do any sort of server maintenance.

Disadvantages of the free instant messenger —

  • The server of IM is hosted by the service provider of instant messaging. The history message would not be encoded so it might be read and intercepted by anyone who knows how to do it.
  • Unknown contacts would send the viruses.
  • The instant messenger will be used for chatting with friends or family in the work time which can waste a lot of time.

Lan messenger advantages

  • Lan messenger will encode all the messages with very strong encryption which will ensuring the security.
  • The lan messenger are offering the rich features of enterprise level like white board, conference chat which is very useful in communication in office.
  • All the regular advantages of IM is offered by the lan messenger
    Only the authorised users are able to send the messages.
  • Lan messenger Disadvantages
  • Extra money is required in the cost of lan messenger. Sometime there would be requirement of technical maintenance.