5 Must Try and Should Be Using Instagram Software Analytics Tools for 2018

Instagram is a social media platform that is known for its engagement. In short people love communicating with brands and the other individuals on these platforms. Without engagement social media platforms can never ever exist, as it is engagement that matters the most. In fact software Instagram has been measured at anywhere from anywhere for around four to twelve times when compared to the other social media platforms.

This is why we have decided and put together the list of five Instagram analytics tool that is worth trying this 2018.  Rather than providing you with a list of software Instagram tools that pretty do the same thing we have varied up a bit. So whether you are looking out for a free Instagram analytics tool we have got each and everything covered for you.

Instagram analytics tool

Union Metrics: The Union Metrics Analytics tool offers the Instagram users with both a free and paid profile. It offers a handsome and an easy to use interface. In short at a glance you will now be able to see the number of posts written by you, the followers and the users your following, and the best time you need to post. Through this analytics tool you can also see who your ardent followers is, the number of interactions, the top hashtag and top post. The subscription profile also provides the users with some specific kind of an information like the analytics of a specific profile and the last but not the least the hash tag monitoring.

Sprout Social: Sprout social is a complete social media management tool for all the larger and smaller business organizations.  Sprout social Instagram tool gives your brand the data that you need in order to monitor your performance. So whether you want to know which Instagram post has got you more engagement, and how your audience has grown or other critical metrics then you can see all that in sprout.What’s even better is that you get easy to read reports, so whether you have to show results to your clients or the internal stake holders, you will not have to waste your time in just explaining them.

Instagram Insights:Instagram analytics tool is for a free. However it does require you to convert your Facebook profile into a business profile. This is just a four step process and they are as follows. Once the entire process is completed, the conversion will then will then give you the access to all the Instagram insights, like the business profile visitors the number of posts saved and the last but not the least people using the send message option in your Instagram story.

Iconosquare: Iconosquare is generally a paid profile for those businesses who are looking to keep an eye on their competitors. The app also provides Instagram analytics for a better community and engagement, helping you identify the most important influencers in your field. The app is actually useful for analysing the hashtag data like the hashtag growth, the influential posts using a hashtag and more.

Square Lovin:This specific tool allows all the Instagram users to view the key Instagram analytics like the growth engagement, and the number of followers etc. Through this tool you can also see the best time and the worst time you need to post on Instagram, and whether you are using any hashtags. The tool helps in providing daily, weekly and the monthly analytics for your account including for the individual posts.

These were a few Instagram analytics tools that are made available to all the Instagram users. Most give you the same info before you could actually go deeper into analytics. With a bit of hard work it should not be difficult for you to find out and know what works the best for you and what not.

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