Washer Buying Guide and The Failure Preventive Tips

Washers help in distributing and maintaining clamp load. They work in threaded fasteners and preventing movement or corrosion. These are a cheap metal disc that keeps screws, bolts, and nuts tight. Superior Washer & Gasket Company provides a washer as a vital fastening component. They produce designs to perform unique functions and ensure a reliable bolted joint. They supply washers with various materials that come in many thicknesses. There are also different diameters, finishes, and grades to choose from. You can find styles to suit any assembly applications and for maintenance use.

What is With Washers?

Washers used to distribute the clamp load applied by a threaded fastener. They help keep a fastener locked in place or insulated, such as from moisture and electricity. Washers also function as a spacer or bearing within an assembly. With a proper installation and use, this can be effective in product assembly. Otherwise, washers may provide no benefit at all, while adding to the cost of a project. It is important to know the use of this material not only to cover up design or production flaws.

Why Threaded Fasteners Fail?

The unnecessary use of this tool is the main cause of failing the work. You can prevent this to happen by performing some destructive testing. Make sure to use the most helpful, and preferred by manufacturers way. Intent to destroy an assembly to determine the performance capability of its components.

threaded fastener

  • The misuse of washers which is common among consumers is another thing. This is the usual fastener failure that could result in harm. The problem due to the improper customer use is not the manufacturer’s responsibility. Yet, in some cases, the products that fail during a proper use will be then recalled by the manufacturer. This is unlikely that may result in minor or serious user injuries.
  • The improperly manufactured bolts. The bolts work to secure the airbag and likely to break due to internal brittle of hydrogen. Thus, the right fixture is vital to have effective and secured airbag assemblies. Those that failed or faltered needs an immediate replacement to prevent further damage. This defect happens most the time and causes damage or breakage. You need to be careful and check for loose bolts.
  • The loose fasteners can also be a reason for the work to fail. The loose input fasteners allow the shaft to move along the length of the power steering spine. This movement can result in the shaft completely separating from the spline.

The Smart Selection

Most of the manufacturers love innovation in all assembly processes, especially fastening. Each year, there are newly designed washer to lift a flag when the attached nut begins to loosen. This type can also work in any bolted joint. You can choose a standard flat washer or a small color segment connected to a spring one. When picking the innovative bolts and washers, ensure to test it first before use. Try the standard test by the manufacturers to prevent fasteners fail during the work.