Value of Activities during selection of club

What types of activities are available? Are you the type of person who wants to have activities based in the club itself, or do you prefer trips during the day, and come back to the club in the afternoon to enjoy the evening? What are the costs associated with these activities and how will this impact your total budget? Does the holiday CRATE CLUB  offer tours include in the price?


Do your children come with you? If so, are there adequate facilities for them? For example, sufficient bedding in the room for each child (ie cribs)? What if you give the bottle? Is there a refrigerator in the room or the bungalow? Is there a kids’ club or an activity program for kids and teens? Starting at what age? And until what age? Is there babysitting available at night? Is it important to you?

If you do not bring your children … do you want to have children present? Do you prefer CRATE CLUB  villages only for adults (this exists)?

A number of restaurants: 

Do you like to have variety in your meal choices? How many restaurants are available at the club or in the immediate vicinity? What kind of food do you like? Is it available?


Beach :

 What does the nearest beach look like? How important is the beach for you? Are you happy to take a nap by the pool, or do you prefer to spend your days with your toes in the sand? Do you like to dive or snorkel along the beach and therefore have a reef nearby, or you only want sand?? Are there beach beds or loungers? Hammocks? Is the beach far from the village club?

Pools :

 How many pools are there? Are they near a restaurant for lunch or a bar during the day for refreshments? Is there a bar by the pool? Are there sun loungers around the pool?

. A professional like Pierre & Vacances should be able to help you answer those questions that are important to you.. For example, a station accessible to people with disabilities may be important, or maybe you need a refrigerator for medicines. Think of all these things when you make a reservation at a club, village or hotel club!