The Imse Vimse Brand That Is Trusted By Mothers And Babies

It was in 1988 in Sweden when the Imse Vimse brand was founded. The Imse Vimse was inspired by the daughter of founder Marie Walleberg who is suffering from eczema by wearing disposable diapers.

wearing disposable diapers

Strict Requirements, Impact On The Environment And The Working Conditions

Materials are supplied from all over the world, taking into the account on the impact on the environment in order to meet the high-quality requirements like using only organically grown cotton. Turkey and Europe are where the production of the diapers. With regards to requirements on suppliers, Imse Vimse has imposed very strict requirements that every year there is a check out on the conditions in the factories. Upon the check-up, it must meet the same environmental and quality requirements as the company Imse Vimse itself. The products are the Oeko- Tex standard mark for textiles is the goal of Imse Vimse and is ISO certified. Whatever you need to start with launderable laundries or to expand the package, Nutur sells it all. In line with the company culture and the philosophy of Nutur is the philosophy of Imse Vimse.

Safe And Tested By Mothers

At Nutur, safety comes first and offer with care. Nutur choose products that are safe enough and not just from a commercial point of view. Before the products reach in the shop, it has first been widely tested by mothers that ensure Nutur only offer the very best because safety and quality are always the priority when it comes to your baby. All the products are free of toxic, on a natural basis and free from harmful substances, sustainably produced and not tested on animals that are why it is safe for babies and mothers. The broad and varied range includes products from Hevea, Lavera, Bambo, Jack N ‘Jill, Sophie the Giraffe and Lovea.   Nutur also sells a broad range of HiPP baby care products.

During Pregnancy And After Birth

The products are specifically used during pregnancy. It is an extra care your body needs and safe for the mother-to-be and their unborn babies. These care products at Nutur will help recovery after the pregnancy that your body has had a hard time during pregnancy and after giving birth. You will find care products at Nutur whether you are looking for care for the perineum or after a cesarean section.

Your Payment Is Secure

You can pay in different ways as it is always easy and safe:

  • iDeal – after placing your order, you will automatically be redirected to a secure payment page of iDeal.
  • PayPal – you can easily transfer money the way you want by just logging in to your PayPal account and pay via your credit card, bank account or PayPal balance.
  • MasterCard – accepts payments via Mastercard that is secured with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).
  • Bank transfer – you will see a screen with the payment request then log into your trusted banking environment to transfer the amount immediately if you want to pay by bank transfer.