Strategies that changed the beverage industry

This no-calorie beverage started its journey only a few years ago. Its initial tactics started targeting highly specific customer choices. Different customers have different tastes and preferences. It was brought into light that a big queue of customers was demanding for a zero-calorie flavored drink.

An Overview

The manufacturers of sparkling ice beverages focused on the needs of the customers according to their taste and their purchasing habits. The targets were set to engage people who were considering health drinks more than any other sweet drinks. Thus, came into the market was this new zero calorie beverage. That was high on sweetness and flavor with ingredients like sucralose, natural fruit flavors, vitamins, and antioxidants.

artificial sweetener

With the decline in the taste of consumers for other diet drinks, the distribution of the new product was supplied directly to stores. It was highly doubted that the product might be a disaster and the consumers might not accept another drink with artificial sweetener.

The brand then targeted to engage some paid and unpaid influencers who would aim at weight management. These group of people forms an important part of the new marketing strategies. Based on engagement levels it was seen that each customer did not have the same demand. The field market team of the brand also shifted to providing free samples and spreading out the information about the natural ingredients of the beverages. These ideas attracted the people who were under diet issues considering their intake of carbohydrates, fats or were pre-diabetic or diabetic.

The branding of the product was spread to different websites. Those are now engaged in advertising and supplying the items as per customers choice and need. Based on the interest of the customers the product is now launching with new flavors. This new refreshing drink has now become the ideal choice of the consumers on any occasion.