Significance of plumbing

Now a day’s a plumbing process is easier with the help of the advanced equipments that are widely available in the market. Moreover in the current market, pipe fittings and nipples plays a vital role everywhere.

Consider in the process of plumbing and piping, the usage of nipple is just a kind of fitting thread. It simply looks like a pipe which is provided with pipe thread on each and every end which usually connects 2 remaining fittings.  So the nipple length is calculated based on complete length with the help of threads respectively. For example some of the threads which are commonly used on nipples include metric, BSPT, NPSM etc. Hence coming to pipe fitting, it is the process of repairing piping systems or in short it is the installation of piping systems.

piping systems

Consider pipe fittings and nipples, the work of installing or repairing process will be carried out on the systems like gas systems, sometimes solid systems and liquid systems respectively.

Let’s have a brief look on types of plumbing pipes that are essentially used for commercial and residential purposes in buildings.

The following discussed piping types are used for installing solid, liquid and gas systems by keeping in view of application and location perspectives ( for both residential and commercial buildings)respectively;

  • PEX Piping:

It is a comfortable mode of plastic plumbing pipes. It is most importantly used for both residential and business applications. Due to its cost expensiveness, less maintenance related issues and quick installation standards, it acquire a huge popularity in terms of water distributions required for a building.  Compared to copper piping, this PEX piping is effectively helpful in all the aspects and more importantly it is completely leakage free pipe product respectively.

  • Copper Piping:

In short this copper piping is also known as traditional piping. It is used in plumbing. Its advantage is having a long lasting durability and it is more reliable in nature. The most significant thing to remember is; before going to use copper piping, you have to check if it is engaged with the necessity of soldering. It was because the soldering of copper pipes plays a vital role in plumbing process. In this type of piping, it is also associated with more fittings.

  • PVC Piping:

This kind of pipe is utilized for both hot and cold water purposes. It is especially works out well for sewage applications. Based on a kind of application used, these pipes will be allocated by varying configuration and thickness point of view. For effective hot and cold water portability, some of the plastic plumbing products are introduced. Popularly consider a plastic plumbing product NSF-PW which is used for representing products that implies along with the necessity of health related issues.

  • Brass Pipes:

This kind of plumbing pipe is usually acts as a rust resistance. In this type of plumbing pipes, it consists of approximately 67 percentage of copper. But when compared to the great brass pipe, it must have the necessity of about 85 percentage of copper. This is known as red brass pipe. Unlike other plumbing pipes, these pipes are having long time durability which is completely triggered as a best rust resistance material.

  • Cast Iron Piping:

These pipes are considerably known as expensive in costs. It is comparatively heavier with the above discussed pipes. It is eventually utilized for sewer systems and water distribution systems as well.

Therefore different kinds of pipes are essentially helpful for all kinds of buildings especially both for residential and commercial utilization purposes.