Muslin the Wonder Fabric For Babies

Planning a family is a difficult but there are various means to help you get ready for the process. Right from clothes, feeding bottles, wipes, diapers and other paraphernalia can be bought. Muslin makes for a finely woven and light weight fabric that is widely used. The durable and versatile criss cross pattern fabric finds equivalent use at homes and also commercial industries. There are different types of muslin fabrics available which can be differentiated on the basis of their color, weight finish and size. Its light weight and soft on skin features make them ideal to be used for new born and toddlers. Many companies like Aden + Anais are increasingly make use of the light weight fabric to manufacture products for babies. Established by Raegan Moya-Jones the products of the life style brand are available in more than 65 countries today.

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What makes muslin an ideal choice for babies? One of the important reasons is that it is extremely soft and breathable. The open weave pattern encourages airflow thus keeping the baby comfortable. Apart from being breathable it can be insulating as well to keep the warm and at peace. Another important feature of the muslin cloth is that it is highly durable hence has the ability to withstand countless washes. This allows re usability of the products made from muslin thereby saving in lot of money. Companies like Aden + Anais are making use of the wonder fabric to create baby products that are safe on the skin and also are environment friendly. One of the widely used products of the brand is the swaddle towels. These are soft, breathable and keep the baby warm by regulating the body temperature naturally. Due to their weaving pattern and texture they also reduce the risk of overheating. Made from 100% cotton muslin the swaddle cloths are prewashed and do not shrink.

The swaddle cloth can also be used in a variety of ways like as a light blanket on a hot day. The baby remains comfortable as they are highly breathable. It can also be used as a sun shade on the strollers or travel cots. Another interesting product offered by the brand are the bandana bibs ideal for babies who are drooling. Designed with adjustable push buttons the bibs are highly absorbent and have a cooling effect. The company’s product line also includes few other products like a vintage sleeping bag also made from muslin that is high on breath ability and comfort. Designed with a zip closure form the feet the product is available in three different sizes. The lifestyle brand also has body suits made of muslin and spandex as a part of their product line. Durability increases with every wash and also they become softer.

Since the company deals in baby products it becomes all the more important be a little extra cautious with the safety of the products. All their products are subjected to rigorous testing procedures before being released in the markets. The company’s signature muslin products have had a huge fan base all over the world for the quality and assurance they provide.