Finding The Right Bongs and Water Pipe

Pipes, bongs, and water pipes go hand-in-hand. It’s not just about the smoke anymore. Water filtration is a very important factor in pipe smoking nowadays. If you want your ounces to be pure, then you need the best water pipes that are available at The Puff Shop!


Water pipe selection can be confusing because there are so many factors to take into account: types of dry herbs or tobacco you like to smoke, size of the bowl, and whether or not it has a bent neck. All these factors will be taken into account, so you can weed through the different water pipe options.


The best spot to begin is with a walk-through of the different Water Pipe selections for dry herbs and tobacco at The Puff Shop, and then we’ll get into more in-depth information about each type of smoking devices, such as Vaporizers, Bubblers and Bongs.


1. Vaporizers: Vapor is becoming more popular among smokers but is also used by doctors who treat cancer patients to administer medicine as well. There are many types of vaporizers; however, there are two main types: portable and desktop. Vaporizers heat the herbs rather than burning them to release the active ingredients. This process is called “vaporization,” with the resulting smoke being very smooth and much healthier than smoking. Today many people prefer vapor over dry herbs because they do not have the same irritating effects on their throat and lungs as smoking would accomplish.


2. Bubblers: A bubbler is a cross between a Bong and a pipe. It’s smaller than a bong but larger than a pipe, so it’s more portable than a bong, but more forgiving on your lungs than a pipe.



3. Hookahs: A hookah is a type of water pipe that originated in India and the Middle East. The smoke passes through water before being inhaled via a hose or tube. Hookahs are common at bars and parties but do require constant supervision.


4. Bongs: A bong or water pipe is a filtration device that cools the smoke by passing it through water before inhalation (bongs can also be used with dry herbs). Bongs come in many different materials and sizes, with glass being the most popular choice due to their aesthetic appeal. Glass bongs come in quartz, blue, green, and many other colours, which gives them their own unique look.


5. Diving Stems: A Diving Stem is a pipe designed to be used with dry herbs.


6. The Bowl: Also known as the “receptacle,” this area is where you place the dry herb.


7. The Neck/Body Connection: The metal piece connecting the bowl and the body of the pipe, typically made of metal or glass, and where vaporizing happens. Vaporizers use a stem to connect the two pieces, so there isn’t direct contact between either one of them and your lips/mouth area, thereby preventing you from burning yourself while inhaling vapor through it (stems are removable pieces).