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Tactical communication systems are essential in military, police (SWAT), homeland security and Special Forces services. They need to use secure and consistent communication systems in order to maintain control and command for ground, marine and air operations. Tactical communication systems include handsets, headsets, speaker microphones, throat microphones, bone conduction, radio communication, loudspeakers, telephone communications, connectors & adapters and switch & control assemblies. As these products are essential for advanced communication and performance, these are easily available on cjcomponents.com at a very reasonable price.

C J Component


One will find a quality of audio products at CJ Components as they are expert in manufacturing special tactical communication systems. CJ components have been tied to major radio product manufacturer companies like ITT, GD and Harris which has caused the profit of radio skill for the users. CJ is best at designing audio accessories such as lightweight headsets with dynamic boom microphones, new technologies for bone conduction, handsets with volume control, numerous single and double button PPT switches, to fulfil customer’s requirements. To empower more innovative military and homeland security operations CJ is encouraging tactical communications.


Some of the products CJ components produce are as follows:


CJ-H-250 Handsets; CJ-H-250 Electret; CJ-H-250VCEB Handsets; Military Handsets


Tactical Headsets; Patrol headsets; Heavy Duty Headsets; Noise Reduction Headsets; Standard Military Headsets; Headset Spare Parts

Speaker microphones

Speaker-Microphones; Earphone Options; Surveillance Kits

Throat Microphones

Bone Conduction

Bone Conduction Headsets; In-Ear Bone Conduction


Military Loudspeakers; Military Amplified Loudspeakers

Radio Communication

Two Way Radio Mobile Handheld; VIC-1 Components; AN/GRC-103(V) Radio Set; AN/PRC-77 Radio Spares; Antenna Systems; Electron Tubes

Telephone Communication

Field Telephone Systems; Field-Related Equipment; Industrial Telephone Systems

Connectors & Adapters

Audio Connectors; Military Connectors; Cable Cords; Cable Assemblies


CJ components started in 1980’s as the major manufacture company of radio systems of that period. Some of them are the AN/PRC-77 manpack radios, the AN/VRC-12 vehicular radio and the AN/VIC-1 vehicle intercommunication radio system. In 2000, CJ started the manufacturing of H-250 handset series by introducing its first modal H250/U.


CJ has upgraded their products, added new technologies and developed new products to meet the demands of their customers. It offers the high-quality of tactical audio components, with the main goal to provide solutions in order to increase the number of their customers. They also deliver customise products as per the need of the user, as it is their speciality.

aim of CJ component


CJ has in-house manufacture products like microphone, earphone and PTT switch assemblies etc. and also provide a new modern facility for audio products. Every product has been tested at least four times before utilizing it. CJ has partnered with local companies for the manufacture of various products such as tool & die and injection moulding. All this help them to manage the standards of the products and on-time delivery as per customer’s demand.

Market Value

The main aim of CJ component is to establish high level in the market by continuously providing good products and enhance their relationships with customers and suppliers. To experience this one just need to visit its website cjcomponents.com and select the products required.

Today CJ is becoming a big platform for communication product as they have their own team, unique production techniques, the hard work and talents of engineering design, R&D, custom moulding facility, winding facility and quality control system.