A Trip Onboard the Yacht

Yachts are for sailing, travelling pleasure and sports. Boats which are considered to be yachts are more than 10 meters (33 ft) in length. They range up to 180 meters (591 ft) or more. Yachts which were used for racing and travelling have now become status symbols too. There are exclusive parties organized on yachts en route to other exotic destinations. While the luxurious factor depends on the length of the yacht and quality of its interior, it is also an important factor that who built it. There are reputed luxury yacht builders and interiors who also built custom yachts. It is also ideal for throwing parties in the middle of the sea or ocean if you’re bored with the pub culture and good for relaxing holidays alone with your loved ones. These yachts have more than just basic amenities to offer. They have dining rooms, living rooms, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, and helipads too. They are furnished with imported wood and wrapped in silk and leather interiors. These luxury recreational vessels are also custom made for people who want unique yachts for themselves. There are many yachts for sale which can help you fulfill the dream to own one.

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Is a Yacht and Cruise the same?

People use the terms yachts and cruise interchangeably but they are indeed different. The yachts are privately owned while the cruise liners are owned by corporations. The yachts could be sold and the possession could be passed onto a different owner but cruises are generally not sold to individuals but other major corporations in extreme cases of loss or inability of the present company to operate. There is much different type of yachts for sale throughout the year. The yachts are used only when the owner wants to take it out and go for a vacation and the crew is necessary only when it is in use where they attend to limited amount of people in it. The crew liners are in used for most of the year and require a huge staff to cater the hundreds of people on it. But yachts have all the amenities of a cruise while catering to only limited number of people which makes it a more enjoyable experience.