Learn How CBD Calming Chews for Dogs Works

CBD for dogs is a common supplement for pets. It was formerly known as CBD oil and gained popularity in the last few years as it may offer benefits to older pets and those with anxiety or seizures. Many pet owners are now using CBD for their dogs, not only as a supplement but also to manage symptoms related to chronic pain, arthritis, diabetes, and other health conditions.

CBD calming chews for dogs┬áis also known for its ability to calm your dog’s mood by acting on its CB1 receptors. This article will explore how these therapeutic CBD chew treats can help with your own dogs’ mental state and general day-to-day well-being.

CBD is a chemical compound found in cannabis plants. Both hemp and marijuana plants can produce CBD, but only hemp contains little or no THC, the chemical compound that gives users a ‘high.’ CBD has been found to counteract the effects of THC. In fact, the FDA approved it as a medicine for pets who have trouble with seizures. However, it goes without saying that only your veterinarian can determine if your pet is slated to take this new medicine.

This means that you shouldn’t give your dog any sort of cannabis product without first consulting your veterinarian. It’s also generally not recommended to give CBD treatments to pets with more than just one serious health issue (such as seizures).

CBD calming chews for dogs

The health benefits of CBD top the list of uses for CBD. The effects of CBD oil on animals, however, are not fully understood. Some veterinarians believe it can help with pain and stiffness and possibly even support pets with arthritis or diabetes. Others are wary of the effects due to insufficient research into the product.

Studies to date have reported that dogs may experience benefits in their mood and behavior after taking CBD. While some pets may experience a calm demeanor (especially those who are anxious or exhibit anxiety), others may actually become more hyperactive when taking CBD (which could lead to an adverse reaction for your dog if they’re already hyper).

The effects of CBD on dogs aren’t fully understood, unlike the case with humans, who have been using the compound since the 1960s. As more studies are done, and scientists begin to understand how the compound works, there could be greater evidence to support it as a legitimate pet health alternative.

If you’re thinking of purchasing CBD chews for your dog, there are some things you should know before carrying out your purchase. It is important to consult a vet before giving your dog any sort of cannabis oil or treat. They will let you know if your pet is safe from such products. CBD is known for its calming effect and can make anxious dogs feel better.