What Are The Cyber Crime One Can Commit Unknowingly?

The rate of cyber crime is increasing exponentially worldwide. The reason is not far fetching as everyone is available online through social networking sites and there are always some wicked people ready to exploit. We already know that hacking someone’s account and infecting one’s computer through viruses are common and intentional cyber crimes. But there are certain crimes associated that some of the people are unaware of and commit it unknowingly. If you get into a cyber crime case, you need to hire a specialized cyber crime criminal lawyer Sydney to get out of it.

specialized cyber crime criminal lawyer

Adult Chats –

Sending messages through various platforms is a common occurrence. This has led to adult chats becoming rampant. There is no crime if you have adult chats with their consent. But if you are having adult chats with minors even with their consent and their parents register a case against you, you will be liable to criminal charges. As a matter of fact, adult chats and sending explicit sexual photos without someone’s consent is also a crime. A person may have to pay a heavy fine and face imprisonment.

Cyber Bullying –

There are so many campaigns run every day against cyber bullying and it is taken seriously. Bullying is life is a reality and it gets worse when it happens online. It can be done by an individual or by the collaboration of multiple people. There are cases where the victim had committed suicide or went into a deep depression due to cyber bullying. Any sort of mental harassment will be classified as a crime. You need a specialized criminal lawyer Sydney to defend the defendant in such cases.

Miscellaneous –

Exploiting any website through its glitches and bugs and making an intrusion into any private network is deemed as a crime. Furthermore, if one gets an access to personal data of a person and found to misuse them, a criminal charge can be levied on him or her. If a person starts an online business without a necessary license and takes away the money of the customers by whatsoever means, he is liable to criminal charges. Therefore, one should be aware of his action in the online world and should do nothing to harm others.