Media And Broadcasting-Jay Sekulow

Jay Sekulow is a big name in the broadcasting sector as he has his own channel where he offers legal advice free of cost as well how Christian faith propagation. In his live radio broadcasts he gives his insights and opinions about the issues people of today deal with and how to overcome them. He talks about how we should be steadfast about faith and freedom of speech, protecting families and national security concerns are also talked about. He has wide reach out and it is estimated that his broadcasting reaches out 850 stations and a massive amount are audience to his talks and opinions on various topics mostly regarding faith and safeguarding it against the radicals.

Jay Sekulow

He has been and is a great inspirational figure for many years now, his though provoking talks and discourses about varied subjects that deal with how the external factors as well as the policies of America will impact the country’s development in the right path. He not only dishes out advice but provides suggestions for free through his various channels. He feels that Americans had been taken for a ride all these years and they were betrayed their basic rights and he has always maintained that one should be true to religion and not promote homosexuality and be pro life. He is against abortion and all the things region has does not accommodate.

He discourses can be found on YouTube channel, radio and also being called on other large tv networks as a high profile commentator. He has built his media empire over thirty years and is hugely successful in doing so. The people have taken to his views as he has presented his views with a lot of research and case studies because of years working as the attorney. This helps him to put forth his opinions with clarity and proof to the public and make them view the situation with a new light and change their perspective that they shown by the leaders who come to power and sway the minds of people. Jay Sekulow has been able to deliver many of his promise and shown the people justice by even approaching the Supreme Court and found solutions for the common American.