Why a Magnetic Screen Door is Better than a Sliding Screen Door

We all want to keep the bugs and the rest of nature out because they can be a nuisance once they get inside our homes. That’s why we have screen doors to keep these pests away while we continue to enjoy the comfort of the sun and fresh air circulating inside our homes which also keeps the foul odors out. Aside from that, it can help secure your home because it adds a layer of protection against intruders. It also elevates the look of your home while increasing energy efficiency and overall comfort.

Today, there are many screen doors, such as sliding screen doors and retractable screen doors. But the latest of them all is the magnetic screen doors, which also have their own benefits. But what’s better? A magnetic screen door or a sliding screen door? It actually depends on the needs and wants of the homeowner. But to help you out, let’s take a look at their differences here.

sliding screen door

What Makes a Magnetic Screen Door Special?

There are so many brands and types of magnetic screen doors out there. But you also have to make sure that you are choosing the right one for you because there are many factors that you also need to consider. For example, you should select a suitable material. There’s fiberglass mesh and polyester mesh, and the latter is more affordable compared to the former. You also have to check the measurements of your doorframe because some brands offer only one size, while brands like Flux Phenom offer magnetic screen doors for door sizes up to 38″ x 82″.

Magnetic screen doors can also protect you from bugs and other pests while allowing fresh and clean air to circulate inside your home. Thanks to its magnetic straps, you can enjoy its open and close features, which are placed strategically in the middle to ensure a powerful grip when it is closed. Your pets and kids will enjoy it too.

Getting to Know Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are mostly used for patio sliding doors, and they are more permanent compared to magnetic screen doors. These are also add-ons, which means you can add them to your sliding doors if you want. It also protects you from bugs while letting air flow freely inside your house. The only downside is you have to pull the doors to open it, which can be a hassle if you’re using both of your hands. Compared to magnetic screen doors, which allow you to nudge them open without breaking a sweat, and it will magically close behind you, thanks to the powerful magnetic strips.


Overall, both sliding screen doors and magnetic screen doors offer protection from the nature outside. Of course, you can still enjoy the warm breeze and sunlight without having to face those creepy crawlies. But if you’re searching for comfort, then magnetic screen doors are the best choice.