Open For Inspections Guide

For potential buyers, the best way to feel at home is to spend a “day of open inspections”.

Saturdays are always the best, so if you sell your house, your property must be completely available to potential buyers on the day that suits them best.

Even if you can spend your days open on Saturdays, you must be open and ready to show your house on other days and times, if there is a demand.

You should also remember that marketing your home is an important way to involve people. You can hang leaflets for the open door and hang a poster on the street, but the most effective ways to attract more people to your day include advertising on the Internet and in the real estate section of your local newspaper.

real estate section

Below you will find more opening tips for control:

  • Allow potential buyers to walk around the house on their own, but make sure they know you are ready to answer any questions they may have. Many people do not want to experience pressure or anxiety while they are in the open house.
  • Open for inspection is not the time to talk about the offer for the price of a house, and in this situation only serious offers written by qualified buyers should be considered.
  • Have sandwiches ready when your visitors arrive. Prepare freshly brewed coffee, boil water for tea, and drink cold drinks that you can offer your guests. This will help to give you and your home a friendly appeal.
  • If you have the opportunity to inspect, make sure that your spouse and / or friend is always with you, so you do not stay alone at home with a stranger.
  • Have a record sheet to see who goes through your house.
  • You cannot trust everyone who enters your home, so if you have valuable items, it is always useful to remove them during the process.
  • The opening hours for inspections should be between 12 and 5, for example, so that people do not come to your house at unwanted times.
  • It is always helpful to include your mobile phone number instead of your residential phone number in any advertising work you do to promote and sell your home.