Toxin Rid 10-Day Detox Review: How To Make it Work Effectively

Toxin Rid is a package that’s composed of detoxifying substances. It’s composed of ‘Pre-Rid Pills’ that are often used during the first days of the program. The package also contains the detox powder and the dietary powder that must be taken after the scheduled Pre-Rid Pill. Toxin Rid also comes with a complimentary drug test kit you can use to test yourself before you head to an actual testing center.

Many people are still doubtful about the effectiveness of the product. I did the 10 day detox personally and here are some of the things that I’ve learned:

Use Toxin Rid

Consider you’re using and following the 5-day detox program outlined by Toxin Rid:

  • Stop using marijuana or any drug before the detox. You should give your body 24 hours resting time from drugs before you start with any detox
  • The maximum dose is 15 pills per day. The first step is to take 3 Pre-Rid pills at a 5-interval and make sure you drink at least 2 glasses of water between each take.
  • This routine should be repeated for 4 days.
  • During the 5th day (assuming this is the day of the test), take the detox solution and mix it with water (4 ounces). If you don’t want water, you can also mix it with juice. Drink half.
  • Avoid drinking or eating anything 2 hours after, then drink the other half
  • For the final step, mix the dietary fiber in 8 ounces of orange juice or water
  • After 20 minutes, drink water (16 ounces)
  • You’ll surely be ready to pee by then. Use the drug test kit available with the package and test yourself

Two Ways You Can Use Toxin Rid

There are two different ways you can use Toxin Rid effectively.

  1. This can be used as a natural means for detox. If you wish for this to be effective, you should abstain from taking drugs. It’s also important to promote healthy living. Eat well and sleep on time. The body has a natural detox process. With the use of Toxin Rid, the natural process speeds up and becomes more effective. This would take longer but you can at least guarantee the effects
  2. Short-term detox programs are also available and can be used. If you’re pressed for time, this can also be useful. Toxin Rid detox can help boost the elimination process of toxins from your body. But it won’t completely get rid of any drug metabolites.


Toxin Rid, according to advertisements, can be used through different detox programs. 1-day detox is available. You can also choose between 3-day, 5-day, and up to 10-day detox programs. The most effective one is your 10-day detox. It’s also more suitable for those who are constantly taking marijuana or other drugs. Toxin Rid’s effectiveness relies on how you follow the instructions down to the most specific one.