Pilates yes or no? The advantages and disadvantages of training

It is a physical body-mind activity that also involves concentration. What differentiates it, for example, from yoga and tai chi, is that with Pilates, resistance is also activated. “Stretching the springs of the stretchers makes one strong and at the same time it is elongating, the combination of elongation with strength is the hallmark of Pilates A man advises to complement it with walks or other aerobic activities. Worldwide, stars like Elizabeth Hurley, Jennifer Anniston and Sarah Jessica Parker adopted it and gave it popularity.

Increase your flexibility

The Private Pilates in Austin  is an activity where the different movements and body postures are constant. These movements and stretching of the  pilates cause the lengthening of your muscles and their mobility. As a direct consequence, your body will feel more comfortable and prepared to perform other workouts at higher performance.

Improve your strength and tone the body

When you do pilates, your body muscles contract – especially abdominals, back and glutes. In this way it helps to achieve stronger, more defined and stronger muscles .

hallmark of Pilates

Facilitates breathing

Knowing how to perform the breaths is fundamental in the pilates. When you get to practice a series of exercises to learn how to breathe in pilates , you will improve your breathing in general. And it is that, through the breathing method of this activity you will improve the circulation of your body.

Strengthens the back:

Especially in the lower back. Some specific exercises release tension in the back, increasing flexibility and stabilizing the spine.

Works the pelvic area:

These exercises will help at the time of delivery and are a great resource to recover muscle tone of the pelvic area in the postpartum. Towards the end of pregnancy, by favoring the opening of the pelvis, can help the baby to fit and facilitate much the time of delivery.