Natural therapy to rid you of lice by experts


Over the last two decades, lice doctors treated hundreds of thousands of people with the lice removal service, making them the region’s most experienced and cost-effective option. They work under the supervision of a board-certified medical doctor on-site, and they guarantee all of the work! To ensure your privacy, they will send professional lice doctors to your home today.

Lice that are fully grown may easily be visible to the naked eye, especially in children. Full-grown adults have six legs, six pairs of eyes, and an off-tan to off-white colouration. The claws on the two front legs are more prominent, which aids them in crawling. 2 Young animals (nymphs) are much smaller and less noticeable than mature animals (adults). They have a paler complexion than adults but otherwise seem the same.

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The lifecycle of lice can be found on the head when infected

Nits, which resemble dandruff-like specks of tiny drops on the hair shaft, may also be visible. These oval-shaped eggs are pale to light yellow in colour and are found towards the base of the hair shaft upon closer inspection. The eggs may be difficult to spot if you have light-coloured hair. With two lice doctors lice removal services in Tampa and St. Petersburg, you’ll be lice-free in no time! As one of the area’s leading lice treatment providers with over two decades of expertise, licedoctors has successfully treated over 500,000 relieved clientele. Only the lice treatment business has a board-certified medical doctor on staff in the region.

They perform home visits throughout Tampa and St. Petersburg, FL, for three hundred sixty-five days a year. There are no chemicals used in any of the treatments. It’s your lice specialist’s job to remove lice and nits from your hair, so you can rest easy knowing your lice issue is behind you.


Lice bites can result in very itchy heads, mainly as the condition develops. Head lice may be identified by the presence of tiny red pimples on the neck. The itching may be exacerbated in Tampa and St. Petersburg by the heat.