FASCIABLASTER: Does cellulite treatment work?

Cellulite plague has led to a multi-billion-dollar industry because women, especially Americans, will buy almost everything that promises to get rid of cellulite. Some of the treatments offered for cellulite include lasers, creams, tailored trousers, and even surgery. Cellulite is a particularly unpleasant problem, as it affects women of all shapes and sizes, even if you are on a diet, exercise and in great shape, you may still have cellulite.

Popular method of getting rid of cellulite

One of the most popular and affordable methods of getting rid of cellulite is over-the-counter creams. These creams claim to reduce the appearance or destroy fat cells. The fibers that must bind the woman’s muscle to her fat are untied, and the fat causes cellulite in a wave-like fashion. Therefore, it is believed that many creams will work if they increase the production of collagen and reduce the production of fat cells.


Another more expensive method of getting rid of cellulite is FASCIABLASTER procedures, which, in combination with massage, must penetrate the skin to increase the so-called “microcirculation” and destroy fat cells. Another option is shoes designed to change blood flow and increase muscle tone, thereby improving the appearance of cellulite. There are also body wraps available at many luxury spas, as well as weird light and vacuum machines that claim to get rid of cellulite. There is a painful sound process called mesotherapy, which involves taking injections in the right areas. However, mesotherapy is expensive and not approved by the FDA. In general, it is a bad idea to inject something into the bloodstream, which is not approved by the FDA. It should be noted that most of the improvements caused by the treatment of cellulite are temporary, and it is necessary to continue to use or process the product to keep the visible results constant. There is no “miraculous” method of getting rid of cellulite forever, both money and expenses for all types of treatment.


A cheap and quick solution to get rid of cellulite, at least its appearance, is to use a tanning mask. If you are completely tanned, the appearance of cellulite is significantly reduced, even celebrities use this trick! Cellulite is anatomy, and there is no real way to completely get rid of it if you have it, but there are ways to improve its appearance and hide it. Just remember that the less fat, the less cellulite.