Which Bra For Which Outfit?

Bras come in different shapes, a wide range of colors, and dozens of materials. When you know your exact measurements (chest circumference, cup depth), it’s time to find the lingerie that will match perfectly with each of your outfits. The goal? Sometimes make your underwear disappear under the fabric, sometimes let them appear with suggestions … Here is what crop sports bras to wear with your different looks.

Which bra with an open back?

What could be more sensual than a backless outfit for a festive evening in winter or an elegant garden party in summer? The catch: not many bra styles actually work with this cut of clothing. The most famous bra for wearing very low-cut outfits in the back is called the ” Back to glam. ” A model invented explicitly for these looks and in particular for wedding dresses. The other solution? Assume the visible bandeau bra that is accessorized with a knot at the staples

Which bra with a camisole?

Inspired by the nightie, the camisole was initially worn at night without any underwear underneath. But the trend is for lingerie-clothing. So which bra to wear to wear your sexy tank top at the office? The idea here is to find a pattern that really covers and maintains. Several brands have designed second skin bras with extra-thin straps, which are perfect in this case.

Which bra with white?

For those who prefer to keep their lingerie for their moments of intimacy, it is surprisingly advisable to wear a colored bra under white to make it invisible if the fabric’s thickness allows it. Indeed, a peach, pink, flesh, and even red model disappear entirely under a white garment. If you want to play the sexy card in the game of transparency, bet on a white lace model that will appear like a tattoo on the bust.

Which bra with a bustier?

The bra bands were, according to popular legend, reserved for small breasts. Things are about to change! Some Wonderbra or Oysho models have been designed to support all body types and disappear under any top or strapless dress. Another solution is popular with users: the adhesivecrop sports bras that holds perfectly without straps or elastic.

Final Words

Underwear is not the easiest part of the dressing room to choose from. Which bra to wear with each of your clothes to combine style and comfort? All our advice is mentioned above.