Hailing from the faraway mountains of Afghanistan, this gifted young man was always meant to be famous. And rather strangely, it was not the circumstances of his birth, but his extraordinary talent that made him embrace a career completely contrary to his first. And his doting father, Abdul Rahim Wardak, the Defense Minister of Afghanistan, had nothing to do with it.  Hamed Wardak had surprised his friends and foes……again!

Early Impressions

People close to Hamed always knew that this boy was brilliant. His academic and career records spoke for themselves. A valedictorian of his class of 1997 at the famous University of Georgetown, a degree in Government and Political Science, which led to an iconic Rhodes Scholarship, Hamed was always destined for greatness. A brilliant career with illustrious companies like Merrill Lynch, and then entrepreneurship with the redoubtable Technologies Inc., which led to the lightning execution of US$44 million in Design Contracts to assist the Government of Afghanistan (commissioned by the Ministry of Defense, USA) , Hamed Wardak was set to be young Tycoon of the year.

Breaking With The Past

But Hamed has been continuously breaking new ground, and achieving the peaks of financial success only allowed him to commence his philanthropic services for unfortunates. Unfortunate people in war ravaged countries found a ready donor to help them in their need. This help was not only available for his people in Afghanistan, but was being gradually spread to include other places where the people were similarly afflicted. But all this was done in complete secrecy.

And Now A New Horizon

Hamed has now embarked on a completely different career, again in secrecy. His wonderful gifts have always included music, and he has now branched out into Digital Publication online of his own music in the Techno genre, under the pseudonym of “Valen of Wicked”.