Turn Our Vision Into Reality

Do you have a vision?

Everyone needs to have a vision. Through having a vision in life, we will know where we will be going. But as we are heading into the vision of our life, we should know the real purpose of why we want to attain our heart’s desire. Some of the guidelines that we should know are:

  • Purpose

Many people struggle to know their purpose in life. They wanted to know it for them to be guided, but the reality is, no one can dictate to us why we are living. But along our journey, we will discover our purpose and the reason why we are here on Earth. Our questions of ‘whys’ will just be answered through dreaming and pursuing what we want in life.  Along with it, we will learn the reality of living.

  • Future

We all want to have a bright future, wherein we have already achieved our dreams and goals in life at a particular time. But we are aware that the journey to that will not be easy. But everything is possible for those who have determination. As we go along, our dreams and goals in life must be aligned with the purpose that we are aiming in life. At the end of the day, we all only want to be content with whatever we will take along our journey.

Hamed Wardak

  • Ways

Our values along our journey are essential factors in achieving what we want in life. Our treatment of ourselves and other people has a significant impact on everything that we do. We must stay positive and humble along the road. Also, we should know and create a concrete plan in achieving everything that we want in life. Because without a plan, we will just go with the flow of what life will throw us. Unlike when we have plans, we know what we will take and how we will be able to surpass challenges and still be able to get on track again.

One of the known people who exemplary showed these is Hamed Wardak. He is an Afghanistan who is both a dreamer and pursuer. He dreamed not just only for himself but above all is his countrymen and his country. He has a concrete vision of what he wants to achieve in his life. He wants to make a more beautiful future in his country. Also, he has this mindset of having high hope in life and spreading the message of peace to all generations. He showed it when he became one of the founders of the Campaign for a US-Afghanistan Partnership (CUSAP), a campaign to create a stable country with prosperity and peace.