The potential of video surveillance and its various purposes

The new hardware  and software technologies are able to carry out an incisive remote control not only on the work activity, but also on the private life of the worker, becoming, in some cases, invasive and unacceptable tools for a rule of law, since potentially in able to compress, up to canceling, privacy .

The rules for installing cameras

Video surveillance or television surveillance is today the most advanced solution in terms of home security and all work environments. To take advantage of a video surveillance service, it is necessary to have a system of cameras that transmit images to our Operations Centers, which are active 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Learn more about access control systems in Chicago.

The IP cameras and the Network Video Recorder are connected in a local area network and this allows the device that records the images to be positioned in any point connected to the network. Furthermore, through the Wi-Fi technology, it is possible to connect the video surveillance cameras in the network so that they can be positioned anywhere under the coverage of the wireless signal.

The forbeloperator carries out a whole cycle of video to view any possible anomaly. In the event of a real alarm situation, the employee will immediately alert the Police.Its simpler manufacturing and installation allow many homes or businesses to decide on these security systems. The communication to be able to see the cameras from other places or accesses is made much easier, as it is inherent to the installation itself. The video signal travels through the network cabling and requires a recording and archiving system that can also be in the cloud.This ensures a higher level of security against physical threats , as there is no logger to steal or disable.