The Origin of Harappan Civilization

Harappan Civilization was one of the most oldest historical culture that the world ever had. They were in fact one of the first civilization that took place 2600 BC to about 2000 – 1500 BC.

And today, the remains of Indus or Harappan Civilization are found in India and Pakistan. Proving that the arguments of these civilizations are not perceived by the mind but it is really proven real.

Harappan Civilization is also called the Indus Valley Civilization. This particular civilization was widely impacted on the culture of Hindu. In today’s generation, this civilization become one of the most argued civilizations, a lot of articles and blogs are spread online to tell a word or two about it…

And today, you can read the article here containing the origin of Harappan Civilization. This is going to be a short walk through on what Harappan Civilization is really all about.

Harappan culture

The Origin…

In researching for the origin and real truth behind the Harappan Civilization, Archeologists have to rely on a wide array of materials and evidence to proved and learn about the origin of this culture. Specially that it took a thousand years before, a lot of people have been taking studies time after time to really come up with a solid truth.

According to a comparative analysis of the ruins found in different places of Indus Valleys, there were arguments that the date of Harappan Civilization was between 3250 BC and 2750 BC. no one can really tell exactly.

But since the study has been going on for years, there were recent discoveries that states that archaeologists were able to advance the timeline of this civilization. They said, it was never before the period between 2400 BC and 1800 BC in which India and Mesopotamia were in contact.  It was also stated that the Harappan culture extended over a period of 3000 BC and 1600 BC.

Still, general impression till early years of the twentieth century was the start of Indian Civilization traced from Vedic Age as roots of Hinduism can be traced down to the Vedic Text.


However, the study still continues up until this very day. The Harappan Civilization might have been the oldest culture ever existed but it has also been the longest studied culture archaeologist and like-professionals seek and studied.

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