The Man With Honor And A Philanthropist

A man for all seasons had come along the way. Hamed is a person is being described, he who is ready to deal with any generous kind of activity. Hamed Wardak is the man with honor and a philanthropist at heart. He was born in Afghanistan. Hamed’s father is the brave General Abdul Rahim Wardak, who fought during the Soviet occupation in the late 1980s. In the year 2004, General Wardak named as the country’s Defense Minister. Hamed had accomplished enough in helping others, especially during the civil war. He came to the United States as a young man and became a U.S. citizen. He graduated from Georgetown University in the year 1997 as the class’s valedictorian. He was awarded as Rhodes Scholar because of his devotion to help others.

A successful young man

Hamed graduated and landed a business venture.  He successfully managed mergers and acquisitions with Merrill Lynch. At the time he engaged in the business, he started own apparel firm. Lucas Athletics is the name of the apparel firm while at the same time formed a new-found music production. The music production named Valen of Wicked. Hamed clearly explained the meaning of wicked and why he choose the word. For him, he doesn’t foresee the word with a bad meaning. Wicked means all the good and bad of his past, he claimed. But, the meaning of the word is not what all about the music production firm. It matters the sound where it entertains the audience and uses the money earned from it to help the needy.

successful young man

His story and legacy

Hamed Wardak has a primary focus in his homeland during adult life. After graduating in college, he returned home to help to rebuild his country. He was credited for bringing millions in build contracts and design. He roamed around the country to have a talk with the villagers and felt that the country needs a more democratic government. Sacrificers for Peace is a new political movement that aims to counter the Taliban and al Qaeda influence. Wardak gave a talk in the U.S. regarding the absence of the political movement in Afghanistan. Marvin Weinbaum supported Hamed, both agreed that the country’s accomplishments are hurt with the absence of political organization.

Other achievements

Hamed had other achievements such as becoming the co-founder of CUSAP. It stands for Campaign for a U.S – Afghanistan Partnership. It is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2009 with the goal to achieve prosperity and sustainable security in Afghanistan.