The Founder Of Relativity Media And His Success

Many people are aiming to have a better and successful life. Everyone has its story to share and success to be proud of. One of these successful life stories that can be an inspiration is the life of Kavanaugh. The man behind the success of Relativity Media, Ryan Kavanaugh, is also a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist.

Ryan was born on December 4, 1974, in Los Angeles, California. His parents are Leslie Levin and Jack Konitz. Ryan’s real surname is Konitz, which turned Kavanaugh right after his dad changed it. Ryan had his education at Brentwood High School and attended the University of California for college. After schooling, he founded a small business, a venture capital firm yet ended a failure.

The versatile man

Ryan is a versatile man, which shows his intelligence by running Relativity Media. Being the founder of the American media company, Relativity Media, he had a partner who co-founded it named Lynwood Spinks. The media company was based in Beverly Hills, California. Ryan becomes serious and proud of the soaring media company being the third of the largest mini-major worldwide. The full-scale film studio had developed, produced, and distributed popular and star-studded films before its bankruptcy. Despite the soaring media company, it ended its legacy on July 30, 2015, declaring its bankruptcy.

Ryan Kavanaugh

The bankruptcy of Relativity Media is not the end of Ryan’s success. He was the current president of the prestigious film studio Warner Bros. Pictures. Kavanaugh has financed over 200 million films, which are big bucks during those times, representing over $17 billion in revenue. On April 19, 2014, he was credited as the producer of 61 films. Some of his awards are:

  • Showman of the Year in 2011
  • Number 22 on the Fortune 40 Under 40
  • Number 19 on the youngest billionaires listed on Forbes 2013

The philanthropist film producer

In the field of philanthropy, Kavanaugh can’t be stopped. He was extremely active and passionate to help the needy. Kavanaugh is genuinely a philanthropist by heart that also made him named a Hollywood Humanitarian. Cedars-Sinai Medical Center claimed Ryan as one of those kind-hearted, generous, and animal-lover successful men. During that time, he was the 25th highest-grossing producer. Aside from being a successful man in the field of business and film industry, he was also a noted volunteer and philanthropist. Children who need medication support are helped by this generous man as well as rescuing homeless dogs. Kavanaugh did some recognized achievements even with his busy schedules.