Significant Events From History Are Here

Every time that lapses creates a history. History is not something which is always referred to past, it can be passing of the very second very moment here it is history.

There are some major events that happened that changed the lives of everyone, the living or the non-living here which happened or are going on the plant or beyond the planet.

most significant events

Two of the most significant events that happened here related to the creation are:

1. The big bang theory

This event is estimated to be taken place around 13.7 billion years before. It is in the physics that everything came into creation after big bang theory including the matter, space, the energy and the time. Temperatures ranged in billions of Kelvins when this event took place. The density of the matter was a thousand times greater as compared to steel. The atoms and subatomic particles even could stay in steady form. The event took place from a solitary particle and thus, Big Bang is perhaps one of the greatest histories in the world.

2. Formation of Earth

After big bang theory, various systems came into existence and our very own habitable planet came to birth 4.5 billion years ago. Our planet was not meant to support any habitation as no atmosphere for a living was present. Also, there were regular collisions from comets and asteroids. The surface was loaded with hot rocks and molten lava. Temperatures were very high to even make anyone survive on the planet. Also the very basis of the existence, water was not present due to which another billion years were taken until adaptable and survival conditions were developed.

There are many other significant historical events like extinction of dinosaurs, construction of great pyramid in Egypt, First foundation of Legal System code of Hammurabi, commencement of first Olympic game, enlightenment of Siddhartha Gautama, story of courage and determination of 300 Spartans, the great philosopher Socrates was made to drink poison, emergence of philosophy and science in the reign of Plato and many more. But the above two are the very basis of the existence of very living here on this planet.