Nationwide Police Affiliation Announcement

The National Police Association (NPA) launched the latest public service announcement. This is a major college marketing campaign aimed at talking about the dangers of the shooting, not at the service of troubled law enforcement. PSA’s “HelptheOfficer” marketing campaign inspires the public and the public to support law enforcement activities. It sounds difficult, but it wasn’t just the soldiers in the movie who walked on social media.

On October 9, 2020, Baltimore MTA police officers were found in a coma at the Upton subway station without residents providing assistance. Or, choose to use a mobile phone to take a video of an incompetent employee and submit it to social media. On October 17, 2020, North Carolina police were airlifted to hospital after being brutally overwhelmed. Instead of serving as a police officer and filming the case, he was again drafted as a spectator. Residents across the country tend to film and post police officers at risk on social media in relation to 9-1-1. The goal of the NPA is to educate people about the dangers to all relationships and residents if they choose to use only unsafe movie makers over the phone, not passers-by who call 911 through PSA Helping. Officials.

National Police Association

A police spokesperson said: “Betsy Brantner Smith (Ret.)” This PSA introduces residents to how to film dangerous police officers rather than assistants who are very dangerous to police and law enforcement professionals. order and the communities they serve. See if this is a plus factor for your risk of exposure to law enforcement officers, and if they can provide additional data protection in your community and nationwide. “

“Support Pavilion” is to be delivered to over 1,800 US cable television networks and major radio stations in the market via TV Access. The broadcast model can be broadcast to 1,000 radio stations across the country and broadcast nationwide. Here we take TVPSA in 60 seconds. Can be considered.