Custom Awards: the showstopper on your showcase

Everybody likes a little token of recognition and appreciation. There is a warm feeling of getting an award that you can keep on a showcase. Your guests come in and as they screen your room their eyes fall on your award and it stops in admiration for some time.

What are custom awards?

Custom awards are awards that are personalized. You can decide on the shape, the structure and what has to be written on the award. The award when received should feel just right for the person it is given to. A custom award is special as it depicts a certain amount of thought and effort.

good custom award

How to decide on a good custom award?

Custom awards have many aspects to take in mind like the importance of the event it is to be awarded at, the personality of the person awarding it, the expectations that the receiver of the award has and the budget within which the awards have to be made. Keeping all these points in mind looking for a perfect custom award that fits all the requirements can be a tedious task.

  1. Go for the out of the box awards- an organization’s image can be portrayed through the kind of awards that they give out. There are a lot of companies out there who can help you with the creation of an uncommon award structure and style to truly personalize it on all levels.
  2. The correct design and style- whether it keeps a resemblance on a personal level or an organizational level will be reflected from the type of design and style of the trophy you choose.
  3. Colour of the award- the award should be something that catches everyone’s eye when given so the color should be of a kind that matches well with its structure and design
  4. The material to use- whether you’d want a crystal trophy, a wooden trophy, a metal trophy or something different

Sum it up

A custom award is such that when received it is received with a smile.