An Adept Amid The Average; Hamedwardak.

The son born to the Ex. The defense minister of Afghanistan grew older living between Kabul and the United States. Got done with his BA in government and political theory from Georgetown University and soon flew back to his home town to support the refugees and children involved in the Afghan Civil War.

The Avenue Of Valen Of Wicked; Hamedwardak

Professional life

Later, HamedWardak took up a job as a managing director for international operation with technologists, worked as the US government contractor active in Afghanistan and that way he builds $44 million for the people struggling in Afghanistan. And also the annual increase in the company revenue by $1 million. Also, he is the CEO of NCL holding that works for providing management and logistic support and maintenance of distribution sites located throughout his country.

The person shows his intellect everywhere he steps in and shows excellence in every assignment that he works on also he visualizes the importance of remolding the youth on the basic vision, goals, and dreams to make them successful.

The new generation music producer

The new music album that he is working on at the moment has a sole perspective of reaching way deeper into human emotions and to improve spiritual perceptions. To him, music is diverse and universal language of conveying. He is well acquainted with Urdu, English, and Pashtu but he aspires to speak beyond language through his techno music. He is known as the Valen of wicked as he presents himself on the concerts. The techno music that he is devoting himself to is about electronic dance music with beats typically varying between 120 and 150 beats per minute. The best thing about this person is that he never gets tired of working and neither fails to achieve success in every field he works in

 Social media life

Hamed Wardak is not very active in social media and that shows how hard he works on his dreams and for what he aspires to achieve. However, the posts that he makes speak that he is an animal lover too that his very first post was in condolence of his pet kitty and some of his posts were about his work update and some others were about his cousins. His goal is to fill the gap between generations through the involvement of culturally innovative music pieces. He finds it important to create peace and understanding worldwide against the barriers of diversity.