The Crazy Gaming Culture in South Korea- A Boon or a Ban

The Crazy Internet Culture

Video Games were once considered to develop the Brain IQ and provide entertainment to the game lovers. Video games and internet used to be a pass time and information gaining in the initial days of its release. Internet addiction has become a common disorder. South Korea’s internet addiction is at its peak and people spend an ample amount of their busy and free time in playing  online games. E-Sports is a national past time in Korea. Online Gaming is the reason for 90% addiction cases in South Korea. An addicted individual detaches himself from social happenings and the expected attachment to his/her family and community.

Addictive Korean Games among Teenagers

Pros and Cons of the Addictive Korean Games among Teenagers and Kids

Gaming addiction is the worst case scenario and is prevalent among hundreds of Korean kids, teens and young adults. South Korean kids between the ages 12 and 19 are seriously addicted to internet and online games. A Korean teenager has said that he spends an average of 88 hours per week to play video games which is quite not acceptable. On an average 2 hours per day is considered to be an addiction range. A very common note is that addictive gamers have serious sleeping disorders, lack of dedication, lack of self interest and mood swings. It results in neurological disorders, drug, alcohol addiction, avoiding attending the school lessons and neglecting the regular duties. The brain accuracy will be reduced and result in negligence of things and people around them. Therapists and educational specialist are on demand always in South Korea for this sole reason of game addiction. Many kids are undergoing therapies to come out of game addictions and health deteriorations which is scary to hear.

Anything when done in a controlled manner will have less consequences. The only solution to get out of this addiction is to stop and retire from it completely. It can happen only with parents sheer support and guidance. They must help their teenagers to jump out of it completely for mental and physical health benefits. Overnight gaming has to be banned in every Korean home. Games has to be played in a controlled manner with time and place restriction. Else it is going to bring serious damage to the upcoming future generations.

Preventive measures are now being taken at some schools. The South Korean government has to take serious steps acknowledging the consequences of these addictions. This is applicable to all the country’s government. They have to be cautious on the consequences of serious game addictions and take precautionary steps as much as possible to promote growth in their nation.