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Essential to fight and survive in each duel. There are different accessory types to add that improve the weapons, so try to pick them up!

Backpacks :

 There are also three levels, and allow us to carry more supplies. Grab the first one you see, or you will not be able to carry almost anything of weight.

First aid kits: if you want to stay alive, be sure to accumulate these kits to heal after a bloody encounter.

Explore military places

If there are no enemies in sight, it is a good idea to explore sites such as watch towers , cargo containers , trenches or military stores . There is usually good loot in these types of places, both in weapons and supplies.

your preferred game

It is not very smart to explore these areas from the beginning but, if we already have half of the game, there will always be things to take. In all safety, there will be fewer players lurking to eliminate us.

In places like this, it is also common to find kits to improve bulletproof vests . Pay attention while you explore, although it is not bad to have a level one vest, it is highly recommended to improve it soon. The last players will always have a powerful weapon.

Discover your ideal weapon

There are several types of weapons in Free Fire , each with its advantages and disadvantages. Choosing one type or another will depend, above all, on your preferred game style … and on what we find when exploring. We will not always have the privilege of having that AWM or that SPAS12 we love so much!

The different types of weapons are the following:

Precision rifles or snipers : they are a lethal weapon, incredibly precise, efficient at long distance, difficult to find on the map and with little ammunition.