League of Legends Terminologies for Beginners

LoL (League of Legends) is considered one of the most popular MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games in the world. What makes this enticing is its staggering prize pool for their annual LCS (League Championship Series) or World Championship.

If you want to start a career as a professional LoL player, you must learn all the terminologies. Here are some LoL terminologies you can start familiarising:


When you see this, it means it is a challenge to a duel. It refers to a custom game between two players and it usually happens in Howling Abyss. It can also happen in Summoner’s Rift.

AA (Auto Attack)

This means a basic attack. The Champion can repeat without new orders.


This means one Champion continually assisting another Champion. This is to ensure that the other Champion gets more powerful.


Backdoor is a term that describes attacking an enemy’s nexus while most of them are concentrated on other areas.

Bot game

For beginners, this is important. Bot games refer to the custom game where all players are bots.


Carry is a term given to a Champion that generally starts weak but becomes more powerful as the game progresses.


Champ or Champion is a character that the summoner controls and calls.


Def is a shortened version of defend. It means protecting the tower or the base without aggressively attacking.

professional LoL player


You often hear about elo boost lol. Before boosting, you should understand what it means. Elo refers to a system of mathematical rating, which is relative to the player’s skill level.


XP is the shorthand of Experience points.


The farm is an action that will seek out and kill creeps. This is done to obtain gold and experience.

FB (First Blood)

As the name suggests, FB is the first kill of the game.


Gank is a term that refers to an ambush of unsuspecting enemies. Gank is actually the combination of “gang kill”.


Ghosting is sort of a tactic to collect knowledge from the perspective of the opponents. This is done to gain an advantage, especially during a match.


Gold per 10 refers to items that can generate extra gold – over time.

Funnel strategy

This strategy occurs when two champions lane together. One champion takes gold and farm while the other falls behind and builds cheaper items. For instance, carry Champions like Master Yi, Twitch and Graves take the farm while the Champions like Taric, Kayle and Lulu fall behind.


This is an ability that can prevent movement. It can also bring the enemy towards the position of the Champion.

This list is just the tip. There are more words you need to know. However, it will be more effective to start slowly. With practice and understanding, you will become a professional LoL player in a matter of time.