Usage of Juniper Berry

Juniper Berries are also known as Juniperus communis. During earlier days, their extract were consumed for treating anaemia along with energising the cells in the body. The flavouract as a cure for common cold, flu and pain in the body. There are still used as medicinal purposes. However, there are other ways of using juniper berries. Here are some of the common way in which you can use them in a better way.

Enjoy gin

Gin is obtained by redistillation of alcohol along with juniper berry extract with the hope that the extracted oil of the juniper berries would manifest into a low-cost medicine. The taste of alcohol is hidden by the flavour of the spirit.

Enjoy gin-less gin

There is a variation of tincture which is ginless Negroni and features a tincture which is added to Pilsner of your own choice. You could also add other ingredients to it to make the flavour which suits you. If you want it alcohol-free, the tincture alcohol can be substituted with Everclear spirit and add some sweet syrup over it. You could add a little soda water and some fresh lime juice. You can also add some dry soda to make it more refreshing.

Juniper Berry

Curing purpose

Juniper berry can cooks for controlling meat’s flavour and are commonly used in Scandinavian cuisine. Many professional cooks make use of ground dried ingredientstincture along with ground Earl Grey tea which is used as a miture for curing salmon. This mixture can also be used to sear salmon along with providing a refreshment of the juniper berries and the bergamot which are generally located in Earl Grey.


There are a lot of benefits of juniper berries regarding common health. You could either chew them or mix them to make along with herbal tea. Anyways, it is very good for your entire body.