Easy Steps to Make Mulled Wine

The smell of a good, delightful mulled wine is just perfect to keep the smell of holiday season tucked in tight. Or let alone, a good cool down to enjoy the winter at home. Well, these are just some of the things that one makes so in love with mulling spices on wine.

Christmas is one of the few seasons that most people gather to celebrate, and most likely, this is the perfect time where people make spiced mulled wine or otherwise known as Glühwein. Indeed, the taste of that perfect Christmas in a glass.

Now, let’s check out a few tips on how you can make mulled wine.

What is Mulled Wine

But first, what is mulled wine?

Mulled wine is a simple wine that has been processed to be spiced, sweetened and served warm. And it often comes with a shot of hard liquor. It was called Gluhwein or “glow wine” in Germany, where people love the taste of the liquor and anything that is worth the shot. Basically, you can have the similar taste of mulled wine in that Wassail Christmas drink that is made of ale, wine, hard cider and served hot and sweetened with spices, ginger and citrus— that is why everyone called it as the taste of Christmas.

mulling spices on wine

How to Make Spiced Mulled Wine

The way to the ideal reflected on mulled wine is tolerance – let everything ponder away and warm up tenderly so the flavors have sufficient energy to blend with the wine. At that point essentially scoop it into glasses, as and when your visitors pop in.

Now, here’s an easier step to make mulled wine using mulling spices.

  1. Prepare your ingredients

First things first, get your mulling spices, and everything nestled on your table. Basically, you will need two bottles of red wine, oranges, brandy, cinnamon sticks, maple syrup , cloves and star anise.

  1. Combine everything

Consolidate wine, liquor, maple syrup, cloves, star anise cases, cinnamon sticks, and orange strip in a moderate cooker. Pick a reasonable red wine for pondering. Your best decision is one depicted as “jammy” or as having a “fruity, full-bodied flavor.”

  1. Heat on low until hot

It will take about an hour for the reflected on wine to get hot. Fight the temptation to warm on high with the goal that you don’t vaporize the liquor and to give the flavors of that mulling spices the time to penetrate the refreshment.

  1. Reduce heat to warm and serve

Mulled wine actually improves as it sits; the flavors mellow and the spices perfume the whole house. Basically, by this time the mulling spices can spice up your whole house. Which is by the way one of the many benefit you can get from it.

Additional Notes

For your storage, make sure to strain leftovers to remove spices, then refrigerate in a covered jar or pitcher for up to 2 days. Also, for a smaller batch, combine 1 bottle wine and 1/4 cup each brandy and maple syrup, but keep the same amount of zest and spices.