Mark E Curry – The Leader In Financial Technology Consulting Services

Financial Technology or “FinTech” is the latest technology and innovation that aims to overshadow the traditional methods of financial delivery services. This is applied to any financial services to help different companies manage their financial stability. It may include a new software and applications, as well as processes and other business models.

Mark Curry Fintech expert

Mark E Curry and SOL Partners – What You Need To Know

Mark Curry Fintech expert is one of the most successful entrepreneurs of this generation. He is the son of a school teacher and a railroad clerk. Since he was just a student, Mark shows interest in helping others. This was his motivation to reach his dreams. In his early years, he has helped many businesses in different industries. This includes litigation support, construction, textiles, as well as food and beverage. He also managed to master the strategies in real estate development and “FinTech”.

SOL Partners is a very popular provider of consulting services. They aim to offer various business support solutions through the latest Financial Technology strategies. This was founded and now led by the CEO of this company, Mark Curry. He is an American Financial Technology entrepreneur and he is also a philanthropist.

Mark E Curry And MacFarlane Group

 Aside from the SOL Partners, Curry also founded the MacFarlane Group. This started in 2010 but was then acquired by Otoe-Missouria Tribe in 2016. During Curry’s time with this company, this was a professional services firm which is more focused on providing back office support. This also caters to innovation in product and services, as well as the technological resources.

Mark E Curry And The Reform Online Lending

Curry also founded the Reform Online Lending. This is a group which promotes sensible regulatory reforms. It preserves consumer access to credit. The Reform Online Lending also endorses “self-policing” which is the best way to get to the bottom of fraudulent activities in this business. Curry was not happy with the unethical practices performed by some lenders. He believes that these activities should be considered immoral and illegal and should not be allowed by any businesses in any way.

Mark Curry has definitely made a name for himself through the years. In his road to success, he never forgets to help. This is where his philanthropic work comes in. He aims to help children who are homeless and in need. He has a family foundation and reach-out programs that provide education, shelter, and protection to the needy.