Four ways to tell if an online streaming site is legal or not

One of the most popular sources of entertainment is streaming videos online, but still, there are a lot of people that still think everything available online is illegal.

Before the most popular way to watch a movie aside from cinemas are renting DVDs or VHS tapes, however, fast forward to 2019, people have fully embraced streaming movies online through the internet.

Today, streaming movies and television shows online is considered to be one of the most popular sources for entertainment, aside from of course watching it on cinemas.

In fact, millions of people are streaming movies and television shows online every day, however, there are still those that doubt its legality since there are still many people think that everything that comes out online has something to do with legalities.

This is because piracy is still a big problem that the movie industry is dealing with, and something that cannot be resolved right away. To add more, it also exposes the viewers to different threats and hazards on the internet particularly getting their smartphones and computers infected with viruses, malware, and other cybercrime-related activities.

online movie streaming experience

Much worse, it affects the income and livelihood of movie producers, film studios, the actors and the production crew because of decreasing income because of piracy.

It is completely hard to determine whether a streaming site is featuring movies legally or illegally, however, if one is keen, one may be able to identify some key features to easily determine if a site that streams movie is legal or illegal.

  • Full of pop-up advertisements– One of the ways to find an illegal streaming site is it has lots of dubious-looking advertisements that pop out of nowhere on your screen. One of the best evidence for an illegal streaming site is the number of advertisements that pops up, and usually, viewers have to deal with these annoying pop-up windows before they can start streaming the content. This is actually hazardous knowing that it may contain some malicious software and executable files that can harm your computer or smartphone.
  • Bad movie resolution– Another telltale sign is its low-quality of its contents resolutions. Sometimes it can have choppy and have inaudible audio or have mixed up subtitles which are pretty obvious that are only recorded illegally at cinemas. Legal streaming sites always offer their customers high-definition content.
  • Heavy buffering– You have a reliable internet speed that can stream movies easily, however, a particular site that you visited have a heavy buffer when you started to stream for a movie. This is because this site is not meant for the content delivery to satisfy the viewers’ experience, it is only there for other malicious purposes. Legal streaming sites always provide the smoothest streaming experiences for their viewers.
  • It has no contact and site information– Normal sites regardless if it is a streaming site or not always have contact information and an “about us” subpage where visitors can access and determine who are the people behind the site, however, illegal streaming sites do not have one for obvious reasons.

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