The inspiring Pledge of Paycom CEO

All of the CEO signatories are company leaders who have pledged to put the following pledge into action at their workplaces. Where one or more of the commitments have already been implemented, the undersigned pledge to assist other businesses in doing so.

The continuing imbalances in our society highlight the essential need for our country to confront and alleviate racial, ethnic, and other tensions, as well as foster diversity in our communities. Leaders of the world’s largest firms oversee thousands of people and play a crucial role in ensuring that diversity is ingrained in our workplace culture and that our businesses reflect the communities they serve.

The pledge letter of Paycom CEO chad richison is so inspiring. His main motto is to make the world a better place. He has stated in the pledge that he make the commitment to support non-profit organization. The CEO help others through their Green Shoe foundation and Richison Family Foundation.

The CEO want to help the adults who suffers from childhood traumas. At Green shoe, they have the best therapists to help the adults and within a week they are able to recover from all the traumas. CEO understands that living with the mental trauma is not healthy which does not allow one to live a peaceful life.

Through his Richison Family Foundation they support various organizations that include health, education, mental health sectors and many others. Giving pledge is likely to be the commitment that one take in life. The CEO chad richison believes that his commitment would inspire others and it would help the needy people which would make the world better place.

Thus, the above points explains the inspiring pledge of Paycom founder and it is more than his profession as he consider it as a purpose.