Promoting Your Painting Services

Painting services are available upon request and, as such, you must come up with ways to promote your services. The rate at which housing and other housing units are emerging is driving the need for quality in terms of the work that companies do. You can promote your work by partnering with construction contractors, real estate agents and home investors that are already established. Through this agreement, you are likely to be the one to offer painting services Singapore whenever a client requires them. Keep in mind that you may need to separate from a portion of your earnings, although this depends on the terms of the agreement.

painting services Singapore

Advertise the services of your painters in local newspapers in an attempt to attract potential customers.

In other words, focus on advertising, making sure that you also use most advertising channels. Another way through which you can promote your business is by distributing business cards and flyers to local hardware and home improvement stores. This is the most likely place where contractors are likely to buy their materials. You can also negotiate with your client regarding leaving your company’s sign in your yard when working outside, and if you can leave it in the same place for a couple of weeks after you have finished painting.


You can also offer those who allow you to do this a discount. Be sure to also sponsor a local event that is whether your company is stable enough, as it is a means through which the company will be noticed. Have a website that highlights what you are offering and also indicates costs and contacts. Now that you have that out of the way, launch these painting services.