Life Is A Picnic: Tents for sale

Summers are never the same without picnics. It is a tradition that brings families and friends closer to each other;  where everyone can come as they are without the pressure of having to be at their best behavior; where kids can get themselves dirty without their moms going ballistic.

Picnics though, still need a bit of planning to ensure that there is something for everyone to enjoy.

  1. American TentA Place In The Sun

Immerse yourself in nature. Far and away from the crowd, traffic and never-ending rush of city life. Where the air is fresh, trees abound and lots of open space for the children to run and play.

  1. Make A List And Check It Twice

A  day of fun can easily turn into a disaster when you all have to drink warm sodas. Keep in mind that you will be away from the city, with no shops nearby. Be organized to avoid leaving some stuff behind.  Designate who’s bringing what and give them assigned tasks.

  1. Mind the Containers

Have suitable packaging for every kind of food. Vacuum flasks for those who need to stay hot and ice chests for those who spoil easily or are best eaten/drank cold.

  1. Nice And Comfy

Bring along a couple of folding chairs especially if there are family members who are getting on in years. The rest of the group could get comfortable on blankets and throw pillows strewn around. After a full day in the sun, some of you might want to catch some shut-eye, the blankets and pillows would be much appreciated.

  1. Don’t Get Burned In The Sun

You can only have so much sun. Protect yourself from getting blisters all over by providing for some shade.  Umbrellas hung on tree branches are good but if you have a large group with you, it could be wise to invest in a couple of pole tents for sale which you can use for various purposes after. To add to the festive atmosphere, wrap ribbons or twigs around the central pole for an IG worthy spot.

  1. Individual Servings

Salads and desserts can be packed in individual spill-proof containers for easy transport and no-mess dining.

  1. Serve Something Different

Running away from it all also means taking a break from all the fast food junk and trying some healthy eating once in a while. Experiment with new recipes and choose those that don’t spoil fast, don’t have to be too hot or cold when served and don’t need a complete set of utensils to eat. You are roughing it out, in a way, so the more finger foods or “on-a-stick” ones, the better.