A Quick Guide to Understanding What Equipment Should You Use in Industrial Construction

There are various types of construction equipment and their uses often depend on what an industrial construction project’s size and purpose. While you build, it is important to first consider which heavy equipment you need for the project since almost all construction sites use some excavation tools – consider which company can provide you the safest and the most structured equipment to use for a sound area, Strongbox, can provide you as much.

  • Excavators: Laying foundations and doing the heavy lifting. An excavator uses a boom-stick and a bucket with a cab on a rotating platform and provides easier access to harder-to-reach areas and a full range of motion with the ability to rotate the bucket on any side of the machinery. This equipment’s power comes from hydraulics and can:
    • Dig foundations, trenches, and holes
    • Demolish the needed areas
    • Do forestry work and material handling
    • Do grading
    • Do faster landscape work
    • Lift heavy items
  • Bulldozers: Moving earth at construction sites. This equipment uses tracks and a large metal blade to push the earth at a construction site – considered as a crawler because of its use of tracks that provide more ground stability through weight displacement across the entire machine.construction equipment
  • Loaders: Transporting materials around the job site. The main goal of this equipment at any job site is to load material on or into some other piece of equipment to transport it from one place to another.
  • Trenchers: Digging ditches at construction sites. Designed to create ditches or trenches, this is best used for piping projects. Depending on the operation of a certain project, this equipment can use its ability to hurry the installation or maintenance of projects.
  • Graders: Creating level surfaces for construction areas. The goal of this equipment is to finish the grade and ensure smoothed and flat surfaces for the development of the project.
  • Scrapers: scooping and hauling on the construction site. Designed with a hopper that can get raised and lowered depending on the height of the job through the use of its hydraulics. This transports large loads of materials and dump materials without the use of any extra machinery.
  • Compactors: increasing earth density for a firmer foundation. This type of equipment is mostly used for soil compaction or in landfills to save space at a certain area.
  • Tractors: towing equipment from one place to another. This is a versatile type of equipment that can move or tow other heavy equipment around the job site.

On a final note, having the knowledge and understanding of the uses and types of different construction equipment will allow you to decide on what equipment you need for a certain project.