Improve the fuel efficiency of a car with a best Car Service

A Car service accounts for a good car efficiency in terms of fuel consumption, maintainence, safe and secure drive and overall car pickup. Efficient fuel consumption will improve overall car mechanics. A good car service can provide overall benefit on car maintainance.

Here are 5 efficient methods to improve efficiency on fuel:

A great advantage while purchasing a new car is the number of miles per gallon. Gas mileage offers savings on money.

Go Easy on Pedal-Lower fuel efficiency equalizes to high RPMs. Racing the car with the adjacent one is not going to drop down the fuel prices. Slow down the car to develop the fuel efficiency. Driving above 55mph ought to be avoided and do not accelerate slowly. Putting brakes and accelerating quickly will place load on engine operation thereby burning a lot more fuel. Prevent brakes slamming or rapid acceleration, except in emergency conditions. Each car is different, however, fuel economy becomes worse over 55mph because there is a rise in wind friction.

Make use of the suggested motor oil- Always use the recommended company oil for motor as the engine is designed to operate with that motor oil type. Making use of a heavy oil other than what is suggested can cause more friction which makes the engine to operate harder. This in turn burns a lot more fuel. The kind of motor oil to be used can be checked from the owner’s manual.

Prevent from Prolonged Idling– Idling is good for a start but extended idling time is not so good for fuel efficiency. Any car should not be idled over 3 minutes. It is suggested to turn off after that time. The new models do not even need that idling time to warm up prior to driving. Remember that milage per gallon is not added on when idling.

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Check out and substitue the Air Filter as well as Spark Plugs-It is critical and essential to replace the spark plugs and air filter for the car to last long. It also aids in burning of gas by the engine a lot more efficiently. For many cars, it is not very expensive.

Keep a track of the car’s Tire Pressure- The pressure of the tire needs to be maintained as underinflated tires can lead to more gas burn up by the engine inorder to move the vehicle. There should be a perfect balance between gas mileage and traction.

GPS- A GPS provides not only navigation of the routes and best possible short routes but also aids in saving on fuel consumption. This in turn minimizes maintainence costs and also improves performance of the vehicle. Statistics revealed by the US Department of Energy show savings on fuel consumption by 10 percent by making use of a GPS system. An efficient use of a GPS system shows a raise in the Fuel economy by around 10-18%.

A car service checks all the above aspects regularly and offers regular maintainence of the car to improve overall efficiency of the car and its fuel consumption. This shall save lots of miles and gas. This in turns saves money.